Nathalie Chaize's speech

The Nathalie Chaize speech


“Sir Senator Mayor, thank you for your warm welcome in this magic place, within this city of Lyon which I like intensely.
Mister President of the CGPME, very dear François, thank you for this beautiful speech which affected me a lot.
Madam vice-president of Grand Lyon, very dear Nadine, who follows our course with benevolence for years.
Mister President of Clothing Rhône-Alpes, dear Gérard, who fights every day for our profession.
Mister President of the Textile(Textile industry), whom I know little, but who defends a sector which I like so much.

Ladies and Gentleman, Dear friends,

What a story!

The Story starts by my father of a soft furnishing manufacturer family of Saint Etienne's region and on the side of my mother of a German professor of Montbéliard.
The Story of a family which accompanied me till this evening and to whom I owe a lot.
The Story of a girl amazed by the world thanks to the journeys which her parents offered to her. In 10 years my eyes opened on the beauty of Morocco, its refinement, its colors, then on the raw and fascinating side of Black Africa, in Zaire, in South Africa, in Djibouti, in Guinea Conakry. 

My eyes opened, then my spirit, with deeply rooted this principle of humanity which transcends those who are lucky enough to travel. I knew how to acquire a glance beyond the differences, which gives all its sense to this maxim: " the foreigner is a friend whom we have not met yet ".
It is the Story of the glance of a child on her father, admiring and proud of the work that he led. Having been a governor of the Guinea central bank, he pursues his career in Asia, in Vietnam and in Cambodia, commissioned by the IMF(INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND). A family pride, as that of my big uncle, missionary in Australia and in the Salomon Islands, decorated too with the Legion of Honor for services provided during the Second World War.

We shall never say enough the value of example of families and I was very lucky in this domain.
It is the story of a comeback in Lyon, where I perceived that I was different from the others, without judgment, simply different. In passing the borders I opened the field of the possible. I understood that there was no limit except the one that we carry in itself, then to go out of one, what a better way  than the artistic expression. I hesitated, not for a very long time, between math sup (Mathematics) and the architecture school where at that time it smoothed the soft perfume of the “Beaux-arts”. Teachers were painters as Aubanel and Giorda.
I had painting classes, sculpture, and descriptive geometry which reminded me the mathematics which had so much fascinated me.
I adored these studies, learned mixture of art and sciences which structures the creativity and offers a method of work. But the architecture joins too much in the time, I was in a hurry to realize, pressed to make. 

And so… the fashion! 

It was the meeting with Yves, known in the school of architecture and left towards the fashion. I followed evening classes of model making; I made dance costumes, fashion shows in Transbordeur (Lyon concert hall), in nightclubs. It was the time of performances. I remember Daniel Bill, Lolita Lempika when she still was in Lyon, of Clémentine and Max Chaoul, Gérard Baumann, the four creators' shop creation, Free Face. It was a good time!
It is the Story of a competition, D’JAAAA The Fashion, Yves and I, everyone for himself. 10 French, 10 foreigners are selected by Paco Rabanne. It would have been able to separate us, but we were chosen both and we did not leave any more.
Again it became the Story of a family, the love which unites us with a first name, Paloma.
It is the Story of the fashion. The fashion it is at first jobs, weavers, printers, I have the fabric passion. In the fashion, they are the designers, the mechanics, the models, the photographers, the retailers. Two of my older customers are in the room this evening, Scaia and Papai, I thank them for the presence and for their loyalty. 
The fashion which I like moves, changes, it has no preconceived idea, it breaks without violence, it is culture, writing. It is a world of journeys where we exchange with various, cosmopolitan people, opened to the others.
It was a world made for me and I was lucky enough to find it and thereby to find me!
My route shaped my inspiration. It comes to me of this taste for the journeys, painting, music and reading which fill my universe. The feelings which I feel draw lines, forms, colors always by looking for the working drawing which I associate with the elegance.
Of this passion of the fashion we created Yves and me a company. One of the most beautiful and the most demanding of the human adventures and it is not François who will contradict me, nor Mr. Senator Mayor who knows well this subject. 
I have at this precise moment a very particular thought for the one who is my copy and with whom I share this distinction, Yves. Our starting up was exciting and intoxicating, especially when we just start above the Mother Brazier restaurant. Having spent years to smelt, we were finally able to celebrate our first victorious tradeshow in this temple of the Lyon gastronomy, a beautiful memory.
It is the Story of the team that builds itself over the years, according to the arrivals and the departures. A subtle mixture of believers and promoted young people, the experience and the freshness, which gives its strength to the set that we built, the C347 company, a team to whom I say this evening all my consideration. 

It is the Story of a meeting with Sylvie Guillaume and Anne Sophie Condemine and the Chain of the insertion and the equality of opportunity of Lyon city, the birth of a beautiful project to help women in difficulties and produce a little of all which was given to me. It is also a story of friendship between  girls and for those who would like to know my friends, I advise them to go to the next Sirha trade show because I immortalized them in cake toys. I know that they will not have hard feeling.

It is the story of the country which I like, until make in its banner, the key dress of my 2012 Spring Summer collection.

By receiving this honor of my country, my emotion is total. I am happy of this message and I know that this medal overtakes me. It honors certainly my loyalty in this job and my commitment but it also shines on my family, my team, on the young creators of the Village, who will pursue the way, on our sector.
To finish on a lighter mark, my architects’ friends, creators, threw me the challenge to place in my solemn speech some improper words. Then to satisfy these friends to whom I can refuse nothing I deliver them to you in bulk: mayonnaise, Pannetons, skittle, concupiscence and Revolution.
Thanks to all of your presence. Thank you for this award which honors me and which honors my family, my company and my profession. It obliges me, and by receiving it, I feel invested with an excellent duty.

Now, as would say my sweetheart …. Let's drink to celebrate it!”