Nathalie's Library

Nathalie's Library

Discover my literary selection and the pieces that constitute my library


My literary selection

"I devour books.  On average, I read a book a week and I am shaped by this passion.  Just opening a book and letting myself be carried away by the words has a calming influence on me.  It’s an unforgettable moment.  In the course of my reading, there are encounters with authors and certain books which have made an impression on me.  My choice of reading reflects my fashion style: eclectic - novels, philosophical essays, detective novels... Words are like lines and colours.  Sometimes they link up in an amazing way giving matchless pleasure.  I have always liked books just as I like the idea of sharing them!" C'est pourquoi cette selection du moment fait partie des livres que je mets gracieusement à disposition de mes clientes dans mes boutiques ou se trouve une bibliothèque pour que je m'y sente comme chez moi.


My complete library

It gathers the totality of my favorite books. Some of them come from past readings, other from more recent ones. All these books are very important to me in different ways even if they are quite different. But it is exactly that difference that interests me, that feeds me. Eclecticism is the key word for me and suits me perfectly. The Cambridge dictionary defines it like this “Eclectic: methods, beliefs, ideas, etc. that are eclectic combine whatever seem the best or most useful things from many different areas or systems, rather than following a single system. Eclecticism: in philosophy and theology, the practice of selecting doctrines from different systems of thought without adopting the whole parent system for each doctrine.