Le nouveau nom - L'amie prodigieuse II - Elena Ferrante

"Le nouveau nom - L'amie prodigieuse II" - Elena Ferrante


Naples, sixties. On her wedding night, Lila understands her husband Stefano betrayed her by partnering with the Solara brothers, the mobsters who reign on the district and that she hates since she was a kid. For Lila Cerullo, born poor and became rich by marrying the grocer, this is the beginning of an uncertain time : she despises her husband, refuses him to touch her, but forced to surrender. She works now in the new shop of her family in law, while Stefano inaugurates a Cerullo brand’s shoe shop in partnership with the Solara brothers. On her side, her friend Elena Greco, the narrator, continues her studies at the high school and is deeply in love with Nino Sarratore, that she knows since the childhood and who is at the university now. When the summer comes, the two friends leave for Ischia with the mother and sister-in-law of Lila, because the sea air has to help her recuperating to give a son to Stefano. The Sarratore family is also in holidays at Ischia and soon Lila and Elena see Nino. Le Nouveau Nom is the continuation of L’amie Prodigieuse, that refers to the childhood and the adolescence of Lila and Elena. With strength and accuracy, Elena Ferrante pursues there her world recreation, Naples and Italy, and of an era, from the fifties to the present day, giving birth to a romantic saga with an unique breath.

My impressions

The continuation of L’amie Prodigieuse is living up, I am looking forward to the following …