Audur Ava Olefsdottir - Rosa candida anglais

Audur Ava Olefsdottir - Rosa candida


Young Arnljótur is leaving his home, his autistic twin brother, his eighty-something year-old father and dusky landscapes of lava covered in lichen. His mother has had a car accident. Dying in a pile of crumpled metal, she found the strength to phone her loved ones and calmly issue some recommendations to her son, who listened without realising that these were to be his adored mother’s last words. They had a special bond, in the form of the garden and the greenhouse where she grew a rare, eight-petalled variety of Rosa candida. This is where Arnljótur had loved Anna, his friend’s girlfriend, for part of the night, and innocently made her pregnant. Arnljótur is heading for an ancient rose garden on the continent. In his luggage, he has a few cuttings of Rosa candida. Without knowing, he is leaving to meet Anna and his little girl, over there, in a different Eden forgotten by the world and tended by a movie-loving monk. 


My impressions

A tender and touching novel about the body, death and roses.