Autumn Winter 2010

My collection

Overview of the autumn winter 2010's collection :

For its 50th season, Nathalie Chaize realised a 2010-2011 Autumn-Winter collection which is a mix of strength and sensibility. The strength is expressed through its prints made of many metal pyramid studs which gathered form a shell. The sensibility is created by the extreme femininity of the materials and fabrics used, the design and the various details. The silver and gold are two very important colours in the first “shell” theme in which the plain colour styles are associated with gold and silver details. The city, central theme that inspires Nathalie a lot, is found in a pixelised print in flashy colours version such as yellow, green, blue and a softer version with petrol blue, brown, navy at the image of the day and night. Matched plain colours styles with rounded cuts. The travel, one more theme dear to Nathalie which is well established in two prints. The first print is inspired from a diaphanous vision of Madrid airport with its flashy colours: laced plain colours, V cut with rivet angles similar to plane wings. The second print, on a black background with neon effects comes from a graphic inspiration of the boat from the movie Pirates by Polanski seen in Genoa port. Sequined plain colours black denim. The softness has a particularly strong presence in this 50th collection by the choice of soft fabrics, suede fabric touch effect and an enlarged and completed knit collection by the choice of knitted garments, cardigans, dresses in blue petrol colour, fuchsia, pearl grey. This is a panoramic collection, form casual to formal clothes, through leather, lace, knit, accessories, bags, gloves… Nathalie wears from her personal style all the hours of a woman life.