Fall Winter 2012

My collection

The Fall / Winter collection begin with movement, speed and travel.

"This Autumn Winter collection began one evening on a bridge where we saw the features of the spinning car headlights at night. These traces of light, yellow to the south and red to the north, simply separated by the bitumen had something intense and very graphic about movement, speed, travel. I took this picture to print on dresses and silk blouses. It then became a collection of materials with a desire of nature: softness of wool, viscose flexibility, lamb ... A desire to beautiful and want to even go up to impose a rich collection by its diversity. The fabric is a culture for insiders. I use this art in this collection through personal prints that will emerge in Italy, jacquards mixed with the mesh, the effects of cross-threaded, fabrics associations, viscose and wool lace, knitted wool and printed silk, until lambskin leather dyed in the colors of the collection, caramel or emerald... For the shape, lines, curves, female, that we found in recesses enhanced by mixtures of material or through the leather, and metallic graphics transfers and draped necklines. Then you have to imagine a collection of dresses of great diversity: cowl neck, sheath, tunics associated with boleros, vests, and cardigans ... I offer a collection that rhythm every moment of the life of a woman. Lightness for the moments of heat, silk dress, lace... And heat for the moments of freshness, jacket, coat, and sweater. My Autumn Winter 2012 wardrobe is complete. This collection ends at dawn by an image of fog in the countryside near a stud, in the smoke that rises like incense. Capture a sensitive, evocative print and continue in a job around jacquard chains and bridles of the horses down to the accessories."