"Congo Inc : Le testament de Bismarck" - In Koli Jean Bofane

"Chanson douce" - Leïla Slimani



Since When Myriam, mother of two young children, decides despite her husband's reluctance to resume her activity in a law firm, the couple goes in search of a nanny. After a severe casting, they engage Louise, who very rapidly conquers the affection of the children and occupies progressively a central place in the home. Little by little, the trap of mutual dependence will close, until the drama. Throught the precise description of the young couple and that of the fascinating and mysterious character of the nanny, it is our era that is revealed, with her conception of love and education, of power relationship and money, of prejudices of class or culture. The dry and sharp style of Leïla Slimani, in which shines bursts of dark poetry, establishes from the first pages an enthralling suspense.

My impressions

IEven if the first chapter announces the final drama, the suspense and interest remain intact. Many topics are discussed such as the place of women, motherhood, education, relashionship to money and domination. How far can we rest on the others with regard to our parental responsabilities?