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ERRI DE LUCA - La nature exposée
n° ISBN : 2072697913

" As you san see, this is a work worthy of a Renaissance master. Today, the Church wants to receive the original. It is about removing the drape. " I look at the different stone covering, it seems well anchored on the hips and on the nudity. I tell him that by withdrawing it, we will inevitably damage the nature. "Which nature ?" . Nature, sex, here is how we call men and women's nudity here. In a small village at the foot of th mountain, a man, great connoisseur of the roads which allow to cross the border, adds an activity of smuggler for the candestines to his profession of scuptor. That is how he attracts the attention of the media. He thus decide to leaves the village. Now installed by the sea, he is offered a special task : to restore a marble cross, a Christ clothed in a loincloth. Reflection on the sacred and the profane, on the place of religion in our societes, La nature exposée is a dense and powerful novel, in which Erri De Luca more than ever emphasizes the universal need for solidarity and compassion.

LINE PAPIN - L'éveil
n° ISBN : 2234081750

" I must return there, it is unbearable knowing him to be here, he who lives and breathes close by. No, it is not about the awakening, about reality, it is purely my attention that he arouses for the time being. It is down below, further away, that we are going to bloom, to fall, to move. It excites me, it irritates me. I am on the verge on the verge of the awakening. " The scene is set in Hanoï, in the alleyways of that overhead city. This is happening today, but it could be a long time ago. It is a story of love, whose characters are two boys and two girls, whose voices collide. This is a love story, painful and sensuel where the heroines only face the town's tumult, and hide in the protective bedroom shadows. It is a first novel of exception. And the birth certificate of a writer.

LEÏLA SLIMANI - Chanson douce
n° ISBN : 2070196674

When Myriam, mother of two children, decides despite her husband's reluctance to resume her activity in a law firm, the couple goes in search of a nanny. After a severe casting, they engage Louise, who very rapidly conquers the affection of the children and occupies progressively a central place in the home. Little by little, the trap of mutual dependence will close, until the drama. Throught the precise description of the young couple and that of the fascinating and mysterious character of the nannt, it is our era that is revealed, with her conception of love and education, of prejudices of class or culture. The dry and sharp style of Leïla Slimani, in which shines bursts of dark poetry, establishes from the first pages an enthralling suspense.

ELENA FERRANTE - L'amie prodigieuse
n° ISBN : 2070466124

"I am not nostalgic of our childhood : it was full of violence. It was the life and that's it : and we grow up with the obligation to make it hard for the others before the others make it hard for us." Elena and Lila live in a poor district of Naples in the late fifties. Even if they are good at studies, this is not the way promised for them. Lila give up school to work in his father's shoemaker's workshop. Elena, supported by her professor, will go at the junior high and high school. The two ways of these friends cross and go away, against the backdrop of a dark Naples, boiling. Wonderful travel in the economic boom Italy, L'amie prodigieuse is the portrait  of two unforgettable heroines that Elena Ferrante tracks down with passion and tenderness.    

ELENA FERRANTE - Le nouveau nom - L'amie prodigieuse II
n° ISBN : 2072693144

Naples, sixties. On her wedding night, Lila understands her husband Stefano betrayed her by partnering with the Solara brothers, the mobsters who reign on the district and that she hates since she was a kid. For Lila Cerullo, born poor and became rich by marrying the grocer, this is the beginning of an uncertain time : she despises her husband, refuses him to touch her, but forced to surrender. She works now in the new shop of her family in law, while Stefano inaugurates a Cerullo brand's shoe shop in partnership with the Solara brothers. On her side, her friend Elena Greco, the narrator, continues her studies at the high school and is deeply in love with Nino Sarratore, that she knows since the childhood and who is at the university now. When the summer comes, the two friends leave for Ischia with the mother and sister-in-law of Lila, because the sea air has to help her recuperating to give a son to Stefano. The Sarratore family is also in holidays at Ischia and soon Lila and Elena see Nino...  

n° ISBN : 2351785657

Nicholaï Hel is the most talented killer of his era and the most wanted man of the world. His secret lies in his determination to reach a rare form of personal excellence : the shibumi.  After being brought up in the Japan of the post-war years and being initiated at the fine art of Go, he is now in his Basque Country fortress. He finds itself pursued by a global organization of terror and destruction, the Mother Company, and has to prepare himself at a final contest. Shibumi, the Trevanian masterpiece, is a wonderful spy novel and a harsh criticism of the US. With, always, the intelligence and the black humor which are the trademark of this amazing author.    

NII AYIKWEI PARKES - Notre quelque part
n° ISBN : 2843047706

 It is Yao Poku, an old hunter with his scathing irony, palm wine lover, who speaks to us. A recent day, a young woman who passed in the village sees a wonderful blue-headed bird and goes after him up to the cabin of a certain Kofi Atta. What she discovers causes the booming arrival of the Accra’s criminal police, and soon that of Kayo, young medical examiner back from England. Reconnecting with his roots, this somewhere repressed for a long time, kayo starts step by step listening Yao Pok and his enlightening legends… 


IN KOLI JEAB BOFANE - Congo Inc : Le testament de Bismarck
n° ISBN : 233005887X

Since he discovered Internet and globalization, the young Isookanga, ekonda pygmy, has only one goal: planting there some cabins, traditions, ancestors, and the thousand-year-old forest to do business in Kinshasa. He arrives thus a morning in the capital, found hospitality among street kids and associate himself with a Chinese man who does business in bags of drinking water. The future is his. Meanwhile, in Kinshasa and elsewhere, the world rotates not very well: from the loose end war lords to the venal pastors, from the multinationals boards of directors to the alleys of the Grand Marché, humans don’t stop to give the proof of their lechery, their violence, their stupidity and of their cynicism.


n° ISBN : 2253045306

The City-Country, an African teeming megalopolis. Lucien, budding author just landed from the hinterland, is welcomed by Requiem, and old faculty friend. All opposes from each other: the one hangs on to his pen amidst of the tumult; the other one bends the rules and chasing skirts. From the first evening, Requiem involves his friend at the Tran 83, a highly frequented night bar, place of all the excesses, whose attracts students on strike, sex-crazed diggers, teasing young men, first class tourists… A ragtag rabble ready to battle on incredible songs, a liar and turbulent people, always at the limit of the riot.


LENE ADENLE - Lagos Lady
n° ISBN : 979-1022604536

“Whatever happens do not go out alone and certainly not during the night.” Guy Collins, mediocre British journalist, assigned to cover potentially violent elections, would have been better off listening his taxi driver. But when the hotel concierge assures him that everything will be fine, that the bar will be full of white people, he decided to go for a drink. No luck, a riot breaks out even before he finishes his cognac and, betrayed by his curiosity and his taste for scoops, he comes across a horrible murder: a breasts cut off prostitute. Embarked by a police not-so-subtle, he is locked up in a cell pending to know what will happen to him. His fate appears in the person of Amaka, a beautiful (and mysterious) Nigerian woman perfectly dressed, who, mistaking him for a BBC reporter, saves him from the charges of the chief and asks him to investigate on these murders and to testify. But our journalist doesn’t have the right stuff; involved in this dark juju story (sorcery), he wonders why he is in this mess, and it’s the beautiful Amaka, prostitute’s protector, doer, very good investigator, who runs the show. Lagos is a dark city: corrupted and violent policemen, self-serving hot head and perverse notables cross each other in the interlope night clubs, society parties, and brothels. And the jungle is never far away. In a chaotic city, always traffic-congested, rich people are banging some champagne glasses in Victoria Island’s residences under high surveillance, while poor people kill each other with heavy weapons in the low-rent districts. Funny and perfectly efficient, this kinetic polar goes to the heart of the African city at the speed of a Kalashnikov shot, worn by a bubbling urban energy, in a Nigeria never far from Tarantino. 


WILLIAM KOTZWINKLE - L'ours est un écrivain comme les autres
n° ISBN : 2264065796

Strong Once upon a time a bear wanted to be a man and became a writer. He discovered a manuscript hidden under a tree in the depths of Maine woods. The animal understands that he has got the key which can open the doors of the human world, its supermarkets overflowing with sweets. The book under his arm, he goes to New York, where publishers will fight to publish the work of this so unique writer certainly gruff and unpredictable, but so charismatic! He becomes the literay world's idol under the name Dan Flakes. Soon, the bear becomes at the head of the bestsellers.

TARUN TEJPAL- La vallée des masques
n° ISBN : 2226243011

At the edge of the Himalayas, a secluded community lives in an inaccessible valley under the control of a legendary guru: Aum, the purest of the pure. This is the quest of fighting against ego, renouncement of any possession, or never be attached to anyone... for the sake of absolute equality, men have no name but a number, no face but a mask, which is the same for all. Tha narrator, who is a former disciple, tells how he gradually discovered the perversions of this utopia, its cruelty to those who deviate from the right path, and dishonorable behaviors of those who do not hesitate to elimine every deviant acts in the name of purity. He runs away to the outside world, where he will discover music, reading, laughing, love... and the beauty of the doubt.

WILLIAM BOYD - Les vies multiples d'Amory Clay
n° ISBN : 202124427X

Strong After the First World War, Amory Clay a young English middle-class woman, initiated herself into photography in London. Tired of society portraits, she visited disreputable places of Berlin, and brought sulfurous pictures which caused scandal. She was hired by an American magazine of photomontages, moved to New York where she established a romantic friendship with a French diplomat and writer, and convinced her boss and lover to create an office in London. In 1936, during a demonstration of the fascists Oswald Mosley, she is beaten and seriously injured. She lived in New York on the eve of the Second World War and went back to Europe in order to report the landings. In the middle of the ruins she met an attractive and authentic Scottish lord officer, Sholto, who she get married and followed him in his castle. The birth of twins created joy and chaos. Ruined by drink and guilt, Sholto died of a heart attack. She was obliged to work, so she moved to Vietnam where she revived with photography and her reputation. Then she went to California in search of her daughter enrolled in a cult. Their reunion turned into a bloodbath. Septuagenarian, Amory lived cloistered in her small house on a Scottish island. Melancholy and shooted, she draw up her career. As the disease spreads, she plans to commit suicide. 

DELPHINE DE VIGAN - D'après une histoire vraie
n° ISBN : 2709648520

Strong reflexion on the power of literature, this novel "D'après une histoire vraie" (based on a true story) narrate a story of the gradual influence of a woman on another woman, a writer. 

KERRY HUDSON - La couleur de l'eau
n° ISBN : 2848764708

Dave, a security guard in a luxury London store, succumbs to the charm of a young thief whose he had just overhead and allowed to leave. His day ended, he discovers her outside who is waiting. This is the beginning of a complex relationship between two badly hurts people, each hiding a dark past. How Alena, who came with so many projects from her native Russia, ends up in the street without papers? Why Dave lives as an exile a few kilometers from his home? What have they both been able to cross to be disillutioned so early? The journey of Alena, linked to prostitution, is full of for compromises, fears and stifled hopes. Dave's story started from English ghettos with a very low horizon (with no hope), that of a boy with dreams of adventure but too obedient and a little coward. Page after page, they are tamed, approach taking care to avoid their dark past which, obviously, will catch up.

ANDRUS KIVIRÄHK - L' homme qui savait la langue des serpents
n° ISBN : 2370550635

The story takes place in a reinvented medieval era and evolves around atypical characters:  the very last man to master the snake language, who sees the world of his ancestors disappear; his sister who’s in love with a bear; a peasant who dreams of werewolves; Australopithecus breeding lice…


FRED VARGAS - Temps glaciaires

n° ISBN : 2081360446

The Paris. An old lady, Alice Gauthier, is found dead in het bathtub, with her wrist veins notched. Suicide or murder? Captain Bourlin is in charge of the case, joined by the captain Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg and the commander from the criminal brigade Adrien Danglard. Another suspicious death seems linked and leads them in the Yvelines and even in Islande.

OLIVIER ADAM - Peine perdue

n° ISBN : 2081314215

The tourists have deserted places, the city is quiet, the beaches abandoned. However, in few days, two events will shake this seaside resort: the savage aggression of Antoine, unstable young man and local star of amateur football who has been left for dead in front of the hospital, and an unexpected storm that ravage the coast, causing a serie of unexplained drownings and disappearances. Victim's families, hospital staff, retired in vacations, barmaids, seasonal workers, small Mafioso, there are twenty-two characters which succeed to each other in a dizzying round. Twenty-two men and women with their own story, carried away by the tragedies that shake the coast.


n° ISBN : 2818021189

At one point in my life, I was a Christian. That lasted three years. It happened. Case closed, then? It has to do is not quite that, vongt years later, I felt the need to return. These paths traveled by believing, I journey today novelist? Historian? Let investigator.


n° ISBN : 2714456871

The story takes place in Japan,  in Nagoya and Tokyo , today and sixteen year ago. Since the month of july of his high school second year until january of the following year , Tsukuru Tazaki lived thiking almost exclusively to death. In Nagoya, Tsukuru Tazaki had four friends. The first was called Akamatsu, he was nicknamed « Mr Red »; the second was Omi, « Mr Blue »; the third, Shirane was « Miss White » and the last, Kurono, « Miss Black ». Tsukuru Tazaki, he , was « colorless ».Tsukuru went to Tokyo; the others remained . One day, they called and tell him that they wanted never speak or see him again. Without any explanation. Tsukuru Tazaki did not even try to find one too. For a while, Tsukuru Tazaki lived like Jonah in the belly of the whale, as a dead man who has not yet understood that he died. Tsukuru became an architect, engineer, designer; he builds stations. Today, Tsukuru Tazaki met Sara. She wants to understand this circle of frends, she thinks that Tsukuru will never be peaceful as long as he don’t know the reason of his ouster. Then, Tsukura will undertake a pilgrimage , first to Nagoyan where still live two group members, and then to Finland, where live Kuro, nicknamed Miss Black . A pilgrimage with the truth down the lane.


IAN MANOOK - Yeruldelgger

n° ISBN : 2226251944

Yeruldegger is Mongolian policeman, a hard and real one. He leads a difficult investigation , in which  are intermingled murders, revenges and some unclear financial affairs. He is nevertheless assisted by two  women colleague , with his strong character, relationships with it’s chiefs, among others, are most of the time complicated, and there is no consensus. He is surrounded by rogue cops, by neo-Nazis with their body soaked in alcohol and their  instincts more than primary, by an amazing kid, and Mongolian monks who can read hearts...The story is thrilling and at last the landscape is gorgeous: mongolia.


PIERRE LEMAITRE - Au revoir là-haut

n° ISBN : 2226249672

Over and above the revenge of two men destroyed by an useless and barbarian war, this book is the caustic and tragic story of a challenge to, the society, the State, the family and the patriotic moral, all responsible of their hell. These two survivors of this butchery start a national swindle with an absolute cynicism, in a post-war trauma France heading billions of casualties. 


n° ISBN : 2867466482

The family home in Morocco, place of childhood memories, she only went there for vacation ... Rosa left the house twenty years ago for a beautiful wedding in France in the mid-fifties, when history has changed the situation. When Egon, his second father dies, this homecoming is overwhelming. Each object exchanged with his old nurse or his voluble godmother awakes a new ghost. In front of the past, of this mourning that echoes other grief, of the unexpected transmission of family secrets, this is her own life choices, she will gradually understand and question ...


FRANCOISE GUERIN - At the sight, at the death

n° ISBN : 2702433243

In the southern suburbs of Paris, two and soon three atrocious crimes are committed with a mysterious scenario. Each time, the victim is found enucleated and emptied of blood at the heart of a strange staging. Quickly, the commander Lanester, an exceptional profiler in charge of the case , runs into the criminal logic of the killer everybody called Caïn. What means that black eye painted over mutilated bodies? Lanester is so horrified by what he discovers that he literally loses his sight. Assisted by his second, Bazin, and a providential taxi driver, he continues the investigation, blinded and in front of his superiors. But it is in a grueling journey at the heart of his own night, that he will find unexpected answers to the great questions of existence.




n° ISBN : 2290031569

Since occupation to nowadays, Lionel Duroy recalls the slow decay of a family over the terrible events of the second half of the century. A child portrait trapped by family fatality. 

DAVID GROSSMAN - To the End of the Land

n° ISBN : 099546744

Set in Israel in recent times, this epic yet intimate novel places side by side the trials of war and the challenges of everyday life. Through a series of powerful, overlapping circles backward in time, it tells the story of Ora's relationship with her husband, from whom she is now separated, as well as the tragedy of their best friend Avram, a former soldier — and her son's biological father. When her son Ofer rejoins the army for a major offensive, Ora is devastated and decides to hike in the Galilee, leaving no forwarding information for the "notifiers" who might deliver the worst news a parent can hear. She phones Avram, whom she has not seen in 21 years, and convinces him to go with her. As they journey together, Ora unfurls the story of her family, and gives Avram the gift of his son — a telling that keeps the boy alive for both his mother and the reader.


SILVIA AVALLONE - Swimming to Elba

n° ISBN : 0670023582

Anna and Francesca are on the brink of everything: high school, adulthood, and the edge of ambition in their provincial town. It's summer in Piombino, Italy, and in their skimpy bathing suits, flaunting their newly acquired curves, the girls suddenly have everyone in their thrall. This power opens their imagination to a destiny beyond Piombino; the resort town of Elba is just a ferry ride away and yet they've never dared to go. Maybe the future is waiting for them there, or somewhere beyond.

WILLIAM BOYD - The problem Spinoza

n° ISBN : 1408818582

Vienna, 1913. Lysander Rief, a young English actor in town seeking psychotherapy for a troubling ailment of a sexual nature, becomes caught up in a feverish affair with a beautiful, enigmatic woman. When she goes to the police to press charges of rape, however, he is stunned, and his few months of passion come to an abrupt end. Only a carefully plotted escape—with the help of two mysterious British diplomats—saves him from trial.

But the frenzied getaway sets off a chain of events that steadily dismantles Lysander's life as he knows it. He returns to a London on the cusp of war, hoping to win back his onetime fiancÉe and banish from memory his traumatic ordeals abroad, but Vienna haunts him at every turn. The men who helped coordinate his escape recruit him to carry out the brutal murder of a complete stranger. His lover from Vienna shows up nonchalantly at a party, ready to resume their liaison. Unable to live an ordinary existence, he is plunged into the dangerous theater of wartime intelligence—a world of sex, scandal, and spies, where lines of truth and deception blur with every waking day. Lysander must now discover the key to a secret code that is threatening Britain's safety, and use all his skills to keep this murky world of suspicion and betrayal from invading every corner of his life.

IRVIN YALOM - The problem Spinoza

n° ISBN : 9782330005870


What fascination can exert Spinoza, three centuries later, on the Nazi ideologist Rosenberg? The work of the Jewish philosopher will jeopardize his anti-Semitic beliefs ? Who was this man excommunicated in 1656 by the Jewish community of Amsterdam and banished from his own family?
Nourished by his experience as a psychotherapist, Irvin Yalom explores the inner life of Spinoza, which we know so little that solitary philosopher invented an ethic of joy, influencing generations of thinkers. Meanwhile, the writer was trying to understand how the personal development of Alfred Rosenberg played, alongside Hitler, a decisive role in the extermination of Europe's Jews.

NANCY HUSTON - Reflections in a man eyes

n° ISBN : 9782330005870

A rehashed dogma in contemporary France: All gender differences are socially constructed. Humans are programmed to reproduce like other mammals, drag and coquetry were originally linked to the perpetuation of the species. From this simple observation but became anathema, Nancy Huston explores the conflicting tensions introduced into sexuality by two modern phenomena: photography and feminism. In this book the sensitive and alive, powerful and brilliantly disturbing, in a personal tone, funny yet informed, citing his own experience straightforward as that of the men around her, Nancy Huston managed to show us the strangeness of our own society , who calmly denies sexual difference while exacerbating it through the industry of beauty and pornography.

DANIEL PENNAC - Diary of a body

n° ISBN : 2070124851

The narrator began writing his body diary at the age of twelve, in 1935. He held until his death in 2010 at age 87. His project was to observe the many surprises that our body subject to our mind all along our lives. So he finally describes any changes in its organism. Daniel Pennac avoids the coldness of medical reports by introducing on each page new characters, situations, dialogues and discussions that circulate blood of intimacy in this body autopsied that the reader often recognize as his own.


ANDRE COMTE-SPONVILLE - Le sexe ni la mort

n° ISBN : 2226238611

The André Comte-Sponville studies the feeling of love in all its facets, informed by his reading of Platon, Montaigne, Kant... 
The philosopher gives an overview of the subtle and complete under protean.

DELPHINE DE VIGAN - Nothing resists to the night

n° ISBN : 2709635798

The pain of Lucile, my mother, is part of our childhood and later on, on four adult life – the pain of Lucile is part of my sister life and mine but avery explanation attempt would be bound to fail. Writing cannot help but allows me to ask myself the good questions and to interrogate my memory. The family of Lucile, that is to say our family, created numerous hypothesis and comments. People that I cross during my researches talk about fascination, I often heard about this during my childhood.

In this fascinating search at the heart of our family memory, where the more luminous thought are mixed with the most bury secrets are all our lives, our flaws and our own wounds  that Delphine De Vigan describes with strength.


PAUL AUSTER - Sunset Park

n° ISBN : 0805092862

Passionately literary, Auster nonetheless publishes as frequently as a genre author, writing poetic and brainy feigned procedurals featuring inadvertent outlaws. In his sixteenth novel, four flat-broke twentysomething searchers end up squatting in a funky abandoned house in Sunset Park, a rough Brooklyn neighborhood. Bing, the “sloppy bear” ringleader, plays drums and runs the Hospital for Broken Things, where he mends “relics” from a thriftier past. Melancholy artist Ellen is beset by erotic visions. Grad student Alice is researching pop-culture depictions of postwar sexual relationships. Miles is a fugitive. Poisoned by guilt over his stepbrother's death, he hasn't communicated with his loving father, a heroic independent publisher; his kind English professor stepmother; or his flamboyant actor mother for seven years. Lately he's been in Florida, “trashing out” foreclosed homes, stunned by what evicted people leave behind in anger and despair. Miles returns to New York after things turn dicey over his love affair with a wise-beyond-her-years Cuban American teenager. As always with the entrancing and ambushing Auster, every element is saturated with implication as each wounded, questing character's story illuminates our tragic flaws and profound need for connection, coherence, and beauty. In a time of daunting crises and change, Auster reminds us of lasting things, of love, art, and “the miraculous strangeness of being alive.


n° ISBN : 2714447074 

The year is 1984. Aomame sits in a taxi on the expressway in Tokyo. Her work is not the kind which can be discussed in public but she is in a hurry to carry out an assignment and, with the traffic at a stand-still, the driver prposes a solutions. She agrees, as a result of her actions starts to feel increasingly detached from the real world. She has been on a top secret-mission, and her next job will lead her to encounter the apparently superhuman founder of a religious cult. Meanwhile, Tengo is leading a nondescript life but wishes to become a writer. He inadvertently becomes involved in a strage affair surrounding a literary prize to which a mysterious seventeen-year-old girl has submitted her remarkable first novel. It seems to be based on her own experiences and moves readers in unusual ways. Can her story really be true? Both Aoname and Tengo notice that the world has grown strange; both realise that they are indispensable to each other. While their stories influence and another, at times by accident and at times intentionally, the two come closer and closer to intertwining.


n° ISBN : 2070429296

The novel is a historical double biography of Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin and his grandmother Flora Tristan, one of the founders of feminism. The book alternate narratives of Flora Tristan and Paul Gauguin, the grandson she never knew. Flora Tristan, illegitimate daughter of a wealthy Peruvian man and a French woman, is repelled by sex, detests her husband, and abandons him to fight for women's and workers' rights. She exchanges her personal life and family for a cause. The story of Paul Gauguin unfolds along a similar quest for an ideal life. Gauguin abandons his wife and children, and job as a stock-broker in Paris, to pursue his passion for painting. In the process he distances himself from European civilization, fleeing to Tahiti and French Polynesia for inspiration. The contrasts and similarities between two lives attempting to break free from conventional society present a long, elegant development.


n° ISBN : 2081222663

The three stories in The Farmer’s Daughter are as different as they are unforgettable. Written in the voice of a home-schooled fifteen-year-old girl in rural Montana, the title novella is an uncompromising, beautiful tale of an extraordinary character whose youth intersects with unexpected brutality, and the reserves she must draw on to make herself whole. In another, Harrison’s beloved recurring character Brown Dog, still looking for love, escapes from Canada back to the States on the tour bus of an Indian rock band called Thunderskins. And finally, a retired werewolf, misdiagnosed with a rare blood disorder brought on by the bite of a Mexican hummingbird, attempts to lead a normal life but is nevertheless plagued by hazy, feverish episodes of epic lust, physical appetite, athletic exertions, and outbursts of violence under the full moon.




n° ISBN : 2020385805

The success of a first novel is often gauged in terms of its originality, its element of surprise. This fine text by Maxence Fermine certainly contains an element of surprise, but it transpires in unexpected ways: discretion, modesty and simplicity of tone serve a writing style that is uncluttered, free of artifice. The form is greatly inspired by Japanese haikus and corresponds very accurately to the hero, a young poet obsessed by snow and haikus. Although deeply influenced by Japanese culture, the author manages to disentangle himself and create a very personal work. Prose and poetry have very rarely been combined in such total symbiosis, in a miracle of balance. This short and totally unpretentious tale is nevertheless far more ambitious than might appear, addressing the themes of love, death and creation. Despite being undeniably charming, such authentic poetry harbours muted violence and real depth of thought. The carefully thought-out presentation also deserves mention, featuring ink illustrations by Georges Lemoine.



n° ISBN : 2081246333

If Jed Martin, the main character of this novel, were to tell the story, he should perhaps begin by talking about the day the water-heater broke down one 15thDecember, or about his father, a well-known and committed architect, who he dined alone with on Christmas Eve for many years.  He would certainly recall Olga, a very pretty Russian he met at the beginning of his career, during the first exhibition of his photographs, inspired by Michelin road maps.  This was before the world-wide acclaim he achieved with his series “professions”, portraits of personalities from every milieu, (including the author Michel Houellebecq), captured at work.  He should also talk about how he helped Superintendant Jasselin to solve a crime which was so horrible it marked the police teams for life.  At the end of his life, he attained a degree of serenity and was heard more rarely.  Art, money, the relationship between father and son, death, work and France as a tourist paradise are some of the themes of this novel, both resolutely classic and openly modern. 


n° IBSN 2843045215

Young Arnljótur is leaving his home, his autistic twin brother, his octogenarian father and a crepuscular landscape of lichen-covered lava. His mother had a car accident.  As she was dying in a tangle of metal, she found the strength to telephone her family and calmly give some advice to her son who probably listened without realizing it was the last time he would hear his adored mother speak.  They shared a passion: the garden and greenhouse where she cultivated a rare variety of Rosa Candida with eight petals.  It was there that he fell in love with Anna, who he hardly knew, a friend of a friend. He did not realize he had made her pregnant.  Intending to go to an old rose garden on the mainland with two or three Rosa Candida cuttings in his luggage, Arnljótur unknowingly sets off for a meeting with Anna and his little daughter, far away in another Eden, forgotten by the world and protected by a film-loving monk.


n° ISBN : 2879297249

Spooner, of Pete Dexter's novel's title, is Warren Spooner, whose life's story follows many of the same events and places of the author's life. Spooner's life had an auspicious debut, when his better-looking twin brother who was his mother's favorite died at birth. His father died soon after, and several years later his mother married Calmer Ottosson, a man whose Navy career was cut short by a burial at sea that went disastrously wrong. Calmer has infinite patience with Spooner, who has a remarkable ability to find trouble. Spooner's life and career careens around the country, until he settles on a career as a newspaper columnist and author living on an island near Seattle.




n° ISBN: 9782843375798

Goolrick begins his debut work with a moment he hopes will bring him closure—returning to his Southern home to bury his abusive father. Peeling away the family's carefully constructed facade like the layers of an onion, this brave memoir tells of a childhood marred by alcoholism and an adulthood mired in loneliness, substance abuse and self-mutilation. The son of an indolent college professor and an unfulfilled, Valium-placated housewife, Goolrick grows up in a 1950s home where lavish cocktail parties and false bourgeois airs are sacred, and disclosing the family's slightest imperfection is sinful. Goolrick is never forgiven for his own minor trespasses, despite showering his struggling, status-hungry parents with extravagant gifts (he even resorts to buying them the family home they could never afford to own). Eventually it is revealed that their unhealthy dynamic and Goolrick's attempted suicide stem largely from a single, life-altering incident: his rape by his drunken father at the age of four. In the end, Goolrick has written a moving, unflinchingly rendered story of how the past can haunt a life.


n° ISBN : 2246770114

Every year, three couples spend Bastille Day by the sea in Normandy. It is a longstanding and light-hearted tradition. A fun break.
 During this particular summer, a teenager turns up from nowhere. He gets involved in their small group, reviving - possibly unwittingly - old wounds, secrets and feelings of guilt. A few short days change the destiny of these friends.
Cet été-là is about the fragility of lives we would like to call happy... but which crack more deeply with every lie and compromise. It is a realistic novel about solitude once time has passed, once lucidity has replaced insouciance, doubts replaced youth. Being a man. Being a woman. Do we really know what that means? And how to achieve it?


n°IBSN : 978-2290357248

Adamsberg and his team from the central police station in the 13th arrondissement of Paris are invited to Quebec, to Hull-Gatineau, for a two-week course on genetic fingerprinting. The week before their departure, the inspector stumbles across a short newspaper article: “Young girl dies from three stab wounds in Schiltigheim.” A feeling of unease immediately overwhelms him. Four times in one day, in different circumstances, he experiences “that sensation of discomfort gripping him, that sharp-clawed cat leaping onto his shoulder…”  



n° IBSN 978-2290024874

The narrator has come to seek refuge in a corner of the universe at the tip of France’s Cotentin region: the village of La Hague. She wanders the moors, observing migrating birds… and Lambert, a mysterious and tormented man who has aroused her curiosity ever since she glimpsed him one stormy day.



n° IBSN : 978-2264044730

Kafka Tamura is fifteen. He runs away from his home in Tokyo to escape the terrible prophecy his father has made about him. On the other side of the archipelago, Nakata, an amnesic old man, also decides to hit the road. Their two destinies mingle to mirror each other. Along the way, reality rustles to the murmur of enchantment: the forests fill with soldiers who have escaped the latest war; fish fall from the sky; prostitutes start reading Hegel. A 21st-century tale of initiation, Kafka on the Shore plunges us into a modern and dreamlike odyssey at the heart of contemporary Japan.



n°IBSN : 978-2757803172

In a garden in the heights of Reykjavik, a baby chews on something strange: a human bone! Buried on this hill for half a century, the mysterious skeleton yields few clues to Inspector Erlendur. The inquiry takes him back to the family that lived there during the Second World War, unveiling tracks wiped out by snow, and cries stifled beneath the ice of a dark and ghostly Iceland…


n°IBSN : 978-2070341924

Kath, Ruth and Tommy grew up in Hailsham in the ‘90s. They attended an idyllic school nestling in the English countryside, where the children were protected from the outside world and brought up to believe that they were one of a kind, that their personal wellbeing was essential, not only for themselves, but also for the society they would one day join. But why had they been brought together there? Many years later, Kath finally allows herself to answer the call of her memory. She tries to find some meaning to their common past. With Ruth and Tommy, she gradually realises that their apparently happy childhoods have constantly haunted them, to the point of spoiling their adult lives. Kazuo Ishiguro addresses subjects that are poignant for us today: the loss of innocence, the importance of memory, what a person is prepared to give, how much others mean to them, the trace they will leave behind. This heady novel is the epitome of grace. It tells a story of humanity, of conscience and of love in contemporary England. This masterpiece of anticipation is set to become a classic about our fragile lives. 



n°IBSN : 978-2070391653

"My name is Renée and I’m fifty-four years old. I am the concierge at 7 rue de Grenelle, an aristocratic apartment building. I am a widow. I am small, ugly and podgy. I have bunions on my feet and, if I am to credit certain early mornings of self-inflicted disgust, the breath of a mammoth. But more importantly, I am so compliant with the generally accepted image of a concierge that no one could possibly imagine that I am better read than any of my rich, self-satisfied residents. My name is Paloma and I’m twelve years old. I live in a posh apartment at 7 rue de Grenelle. But for a very long time, I have known that the final destination is the goldfish bowl, the vacuity and ineptitude of adult life. How do I know this? It just so happens that I am very intelligent. Exceptionally intelligent, in fact. That’s why I’ve made up my mind: at the end of this school year, on the day I turn thirteen, I will commit suicide." 


n°IBSN : 978-2234062405

In 1992 the Soviet Union is collapsing and the population of Estonia is celebrating the departure of the Russians. Old Aliide, however, fears the pillaging and locks herself away in her house in the middle of nowhere out in the country. 
So when she finds Zara in her garden, she hesitates before letting her in; the young woman seems to be in great distress. The two women get to know each other and a family secret comes to light, related to the Soviet occupation and the love Aliide harboured for Hans, a resistant. The old lady decides to protect Zara to the end, whatever the cost. 
Sofi Oksanen constructs a bewitching family tragedy on the foundation stones of history. With all the suspense of a Hitchcock film, her novel raises several burning questions that will resonate strongly in the head of French readers: Is it possible to live in an occupied country without compromising oneself? How can acts of betrayal or collaboration be judged once the weight of constraint has disappeared? 


n°IBSN : 978-2253124664

“Can we do without religion?” “Does god exist?” “Are atheists doomed to live without spirituality?” Critical questions amidst “the clash of civilizations” and “the return of the religious”...

André Comte-Sponville answers them with the clarity and elation of a great philosopher and “honest man”, light years from the resentment and hatred focused on by some. For him, spirituality is too fundamental to be abandoned to fundamentalists; secularism is too precious to be confiscated by the frenetically anti-religious. It is therefore vital to get back to a spirituality without a god, without dogma, without a church, a spirituality that protects us as much from fanaticism as from nihilism. André Comte-Sponville thinks that the 21st century will be spiritual and secular or it will not be at all. He explains how. Fascinating stuff!



n°IBSN : 978-2020881753

It is better to teach virtue than condemn vice. Moral ethics are not meant to make us feel guilty, but to help each of us to be our own master and only judge. To what end? To become more human, stronger, gentler. From politeness to love via courage and tolerance, André Comte-Sponville enrols the greatest philosophers to introduce us to eighteen of the virtues that we are lacking and that enlighten us. To be implemented without moderation.


n°IBSN : 978-2246631613

In post-civil war Barcelona, that “city of marvels” marked by defeat, life is difficult and hatred still at large. One misty morning in 1945, a man takes his young son - Daniel Sempere, the narrator – to a mysterious place in the gothic quarter: the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. The child, who still has dreams of his dead mother, is introduced by his father, the owner of a modest second-hand bookshop, to a strange ritual passed down from generation to generation: he has to “adopt” one of the hundreds of thousands of tomes. He finds the book that will change the course of his life, mark him forever, and lead him into a maze of adventures and secrets “buried in the soul of the city”. His book is entitled The Shadow of the Wind. Set against an historic tableau, this novel of apprenticeship evokes the turmoil of adolescence. It is a fantasy in the pure tradition of The Phantom of the Opera and The Master and Margarita, an enigma where one mystery opens up to reveal another - like Russian dolls. Carlos Ruiz Zafon inextricably mixes literature with life.


n°IBSN : 978-2742780464

“I am alone in the dark, turning the world around in my head as I struggle through another bout of insomnia, another white night in the great American wilderness." Thus commences the tale of August Brill, a retired literary critic who, left paralysed after a car crash, has moved in with his daughter, Miriam, in Vermont. Still struggling to heal the wounds of her divorce some five years ago, Miriam has just taken in her own daughter, Katya, devastated by the death in Irak, in atrocious conditions, of the young man with whom she’d just broken up, thus precipitating - so she believes - his departure for Bagdad... To escape the worries of the present and the weight of the far from glorious memories that continue to assail him in this house of suffering souls, Brill takes refuge in the various fictions that see him through countless sleepless nights. On this particular night, he imagines a parallel world in which 9/11 did not take place and in which America is not at war with Irak but at prey to a pitiless civil war. But as night advances, imagination and reality gradually intermingle as if each is reading and relating the other, questioning the individual’s responsibility for his or her own existence, for history. By making war trigger a disruption that goes on to invent the fictional “catastrophe” that wipes out the laws of cause and effect, Paul Auster uses a powerful allegory to establish a link between the turmoil of contemporary American conscience and his indefatigable and fecund questioning of the strange paths that fiction invents in order to take place.


n°IBSN : 978-2070437825

Within the space of a few months, the course of my life made me witness the two events that I find scariest of all: the death of a child for its parents, and that of a young woman for her children and her husband. Someone said to me then: “You’re a writer. Why don’t you write our story?” It was a commission. I accepted it. That’s how I found myself describing the friendship between a man and a woman, both cancer survivors, both limping and both judges in charge of serious debt cases at the courts of the city of Vienne in south-eastern France. The book is all about life, death, illness, extreme poverty, justice and, above all, love. And it is all true.


n°IBSN : 978-2757811610

The apocalypse has happened. The world is devastated, covered in ashes and corpses. A father and son are among the survivors. They walk the streets, pushing a supermarket trolley full of random objects. In the rain, in the snow, in the cold, they head towards the south coast, fear in their guts. Hoards of cannibal savages are terrorising what remains of humanity. Will they survive their journey ?