Fall-Winter 2011

My collection

The 2011 Fall/Winter collection speak about two lands that are so far but very close:

The 2011 Autumn Winter collection starts with a wild print: panthers and reptiles are embraced with the colours of the land and sky until forming an African mask. It is a return to basics for Nathalie who lived on those unforgettable African lands. The idea of the panther is given by the metal buckles and by the strength of black which is like a second skin in fur. The inspiration for these two news prints came during a trip in Camargue, at salins de Giraud, where the nature amazed you by its strength and beauty. The first print regards the land, which is so particular in that areas, a black and beige organic matter with red sheen like a sunset. The second one shows the powerful contrast of the riverside, where the land and the sea undulate, two organic matters that meet and give all their strength and shine. It is also an “animal” land where the sky is always crossed by birds and the land is always crossed by horses, bulls…cracked beige and intense black fake leather at the image of bark and tar. Between these two lands the resonances are just evident. The range of colour is close, beige, dark blue, red and black that mix up or balance in stripes. The strength of the leather aspects is present to enhance a print or to create an opposition matt/glossy. The animal leather is used for buckles - to close a satin dress or a collar in fur - and suede is used for graphic jackets. To finish, the steel which is ever-present in the collection, circles black, forms buttons like tip of spear of Massai or Gardian warrior. Around these two expressive lands there is a lot of femininity, the fluidity of the materials, the precision of the details and profiles that express the strength and sensibility of a real life. There is Nathalie’s stamp in this new collection; she gets her inspiration from an endless well, life.