My dog

My dog - the pug dog

"She has been imposed to me, I was mad! A dog what for? I often found ridiculous people’s behaviour toward their dogs. But day after day she win over me and today she follow me everywhere I go and I became exactly like those people I used to mock . One season for fun I printed her picture on a T-shirt and included it in my collection, it has been all the rage, in particular in Japan. At the office, she became our mascot except for the mailman. Her name is Vodka, dubbed Jojo, a pug dog, she gave us the pleasure to have three dogs with a black male pug dog and she is what we can call a Good dog!”



Vodka, aged only a few months, I made this picture reproduced on T-shirts and tank tops for my Spring-Summer 2006. The following photo album for lovers of pugs.