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My boutiques

“I started the distribution of my collections through retail stores and I always had a lot of respect for them because they know how to associate brands together, they professionally talk about your collections and make you improve. Nevertheless, when you build a brand and thus a universe, you naturally want your own universe; this is why I wanted to have my own boutiques while maintaining a very strong link with many retailers in France and abroad. The interior designer Rémi Tessier helped me create my concept in 2003 and now I make it evolve to my liking: my architecture formation helped me among other things to develop my perception of space.”

My commitments

“As we are all human and as earth rotates, our lives also rotate, sometimes in the good way and sometimes not. Nobody knows and nobody is spared, in its flesh, family or friends circle... so it is normal to participate in this world, to commit myself even simply, humbly, by encouraging persons and associations that give part of their life to others. This is why I participate every season since years to the big clearance of fashion against AIDS at the solidarity clearance in Paris; and now on I will commit myself more and more to help women in difficult situations. They make me live and I want to give them back a little of the chance they gave me… Commitment also means for me the transmission to the young generation of what we learn and I try as often as possible to be available for the youth and give them the keys that could facilitate their road, they often come and visit my company through schools and university of Fashion, I give them the possibility to make internship, I meet them at the Village des Createurs in Lyon. I try to be available to modestly convey what I learned, the good sides but also the bad ideas and the dangers of this profession."



My passions

“When I was young, I have been very lucky to travel a lot as my father used to work abroad: Morocco, Zaire, Djibouti, Guinea, Vietnam, and so on. I still catch deep emotions of those landscapes, colours and most of all, all the foreigners that I met and that gave me a certain open-mindedness to the world and cultures. An Irish proverb says that “there are no such things as strangers, only friends we haven’t met yet”. Travels are a passion for me, a way to get inspired every time I start a new collection but also a way to recharge my batteries between two collections, abroad or in France that I visit more often now. During my trips, I like to collect pictures that will become my prints. My other passions are: reading books: I am addicted to booksmusic and videos which gave to some moments a special flavour; my job and the expertise it is made of: textile, broidery, prints. I always try to improve myself on that regard to serve my collections; shoes: I have plenty of shoes; gym that I practice almost everyday; Tai Chi, that I practice since more than 10 years now; cooking, through an intermediary because we cannot make everything; and preferably organic food; I also love to share wine and champagne with friend.