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Nathalie Chaize

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The stylist 

Meeting Nathalie Chaize in person for the first time, one is really surprised to notice how well the brand bears its name.  Her artistic leanings were shaped early by the family peregrinations.  Morocco, Zaire, the whole of Africa and later, Asia and Cuba were an education in observation and the intuition of form and also developed this inalienable taste for colours, light and the feminine form – so many fragrances which still bewitch, even in the most modern creations.  In the mean time, there was another encounter with a capital ‘A’ as in Architecture and the development of the ideas of logical construction, delicacy and, above all, efficiency.  Today, as always, every creation must hold together, the garment keeping its femininity while working efficiently on the body.  It’s a balancing act and also knowledgeable assembly taking account of tensions, lines of force and materials.  In the cut and shape, everything must have the right proportions, without additions or overloading and avoiding excess.

News from Nathalie Chaize 

The fashion world is exciting, constantly on the move. As soon as one collection is ready, work on a new one begins. You really have to keep your eyes open and your senses alert to soak up the mood of the day and remain connected to society’s aspirations, women’s aspirations, your own aspirations and your own desires. Fashion is synonymous with exhibitions, trade shows, catwalks, photos, models, travel, a whirlwind of encounters and discussions. Taken all together, they give this business its character. Nathalie Chaize’s reputation for discretion matches her conception of fashion. News updates consist in snapshots of selected instants in her work. Those who want to dig deeper, and experts on the subject of her style, will find traces of her current news in the future collection.  


Magazine articles on Nathalie Chaize 

Exhibiting your work means being judged. The press’s judgement of Nathalie Chaize’s work is important.  Nathalie’s relationship with the press in general and the fashion press in particular is episodic. She presents her collections and her latest news to journalists so that they can convey her inspirations, her desires, and her favourites of the moment – all of which structure each new collection. Press presentations often take place in her boutique in Lyons, the birthplace of the brand. They may also be scheduled during trade shows, or in our showroom boutique on rue Saint Honoré in Paris. Press Officer Laurence Renaudin works hand in hand with Nathalie Chaize, organising these major meetings and ensuring they run smoothly.  

Nathalie Chaize, a human-sized company

“My company is called C 347. C stands for CHAIZE and CASILE - the name of my husband and associate…3 stands for creation, 4 for balance and 7 for perfection. We work together to carry on our wish to live on this profession since 1985, date of the creation of the company. At first, 3 employees on Pentes de la Croix Rousse in Lyon, today 15 employees allocated between the head office in Champagne Au Mont D’Or and our 4 boutiques. At my side, a design office to develop my collections, a purchasing and production team to manage the production which is mostly made in Europe, a France and Export sales team, a saleswoman team for the boutiques with a manager and to finish, an administrative team.”