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Fall Winter 2017

My new collection is an invitation in the house “Revelation”. I worked on my silhouettes according to the various types of morphology, highlighting the strengths and erasing the weaknesses of woman. She becomes powerful. There emerges a positive and benevolent strength. She is not a warrior; she is all about sweetness, calm, strength, And in serenity: It is a winner! Invitation to experimentation, invitation to try on my collection Which wants to make woman feel more beautiful before creating a beautiful dress, Which desires to dress a soul before dressing a body. Adopt this audacious dress revealing of your personality Which will become different depending on the woman who wears it. Be neither the quite the same nor quite another. My dress becomes revealing of beauty. I invite you in my house compound of 4 rooms, each of the rooms reflects one of the themes of my collection "Revelation". BAROQUE : Shades are warm, full of sensuality and colors. Florals patterns are in jacquard tapisserie, printed or embroidered. Lines are flounced and vaporous with sleeves effects. The room is decorated with flowers by Azuma Makoto. FOLK : Shades are strong such as fuchsia or petrol. Cashmere print on satin becomes mystical speckled with white dots. Silhouettes are audacious. Pajama is reinvents in outfit of the day. The cape replaced the coat. Rooms are bordered of dentelle chantilly or rubans pompons. You are under a dome of Tom Fruin. ROCK : Opposition of black and ecru, it is a yin and yang softer. Male codes are feminized, models are structured but sequined or diverted in chic and modern ways. Jogging is revisited and carried with elegance.  Sit in the lounge. ZEN : Spirit is Japanese in pastel colors: rose petal and bleu celeste on a devoured silk print. The lines are graphic for essential parts. It is a soft and refined, feminine and serene piece with large windows overlooking an interior garden. You can meditate … All women are queens.

Spring Summer 2017

Biloko, it’s my ideal country. We find a North and South African dominant, a Latin American touch and an air from Asia. With my friends, we are bubbling over with curiosity and setting out to discover this country. My friends are beautiful and different, with all the panel of possible morphologies, some brunettes, some blondes and some redheads, thin or generous, small or tall. We are a harmonious group, with much kindness for each other. This collection is the ideal suitcase. We find outfits to stroll in remote areas, to go shopping in the shops of the capital, to attend business appointments that we organized, we are active women. Without forgetting some looks to go out because we love having fun together!  The ESSENTIEL clothing line is the basis of our dressing room, Some easy-to-wear pieces that are necessary and that can be worn in different ways : classic or original, adaptable to each of our styles. We find a pants or a dress by morphology type, different lengths for skirts or jackets… I thought about every woman. Everything is in the detail. I gently imagined the print. The EVIDENCE clothing line is thought for the curved shapes, it enhances the silhouette. The IMPERTINENCE clothing line is composed of asserted models, with strong colors or prints. To wear the days when everything goes well, for those moments when we want to dare and showing off by always staying chic and elegant. All the women are queens. HAVE A GOOD TRIP

Fall Winter 2016

The Autumn Winter 2016 collection is starting in music with a large format guitar print. A Gibson to set the pace of a rock season with a black and white theme very present in the print but also in the suits, the pants-jumpsuit the must-have of the season, the fringes, a jacquard skirt, the coats… The black is then enhanced by colors, with an impressionistic print on a viscose silk, based of red or blue and often concomitantly with another black fabric to highlight it better, dress sleeves, a front of a top… Then, color in a smooth velvet which makes a comeback, fuchsia, green, or chocolate, colors in the 100% merino knitted fabric, grey, pink, blue… colors also in a very soft false fur, blue or ecru to enlighten a silhouette. The color is a complement, it underlines, accompanies, and finally it is imposed totally on a floral print based of green or fuchsia.  Lacing, metal zippers, false leather and false suede with saddle, we find all the codes that are constants to Nathalie Chaize with a fine adjustment, very big lace and thinner zippers, big metal eyelets, metal transfers on a dress. It is a constant collection. A rock chic black/white/grey spirit, a more sportswear spirit with bombers or parkas, a feminine spirit with gored skirts or lace dresses and where the fabric is still in the spot light as with this black hairnet embedded of leaves and colored false leather. As usual at NATHALIE CHAIZE, it’s in the mix that its style asserts itself, lace gored dress with a quilted zipped bombers, black and white jacquard skirt with a ecrue wool jacket, wool poncho with false black leather fringes, worn with a smooth velvet fuchsia pants… It is up to you to compose it depending on the style that you are searching for, and by letting yourselves be guided by the basis of our brand, that is to say creativity, curiosity, harmony, evidence and impertinence !  

Spring Summer 2016

"Explosion is the word that best characterizes the new Summer-Spring collection 2016 of the fashion designer NATHALIE CHAIZE. Everything around us is explosive, the ambiance, the mood, the environment, so fashion being life’s reflection: EXPLOSION! But explosion of colors, prints and shapes. Explosion of mix, Paisley designs but also folkloric prints, but also prints inspired by Persian rugs, but also graphic prints… Classicism, regionalism, exoticism, modernism. Dots, like the dot on the letter i, printed and enhanced by colorful jewelry, knit with emerald or black bias, plain with a tone-on-tone relief on dresses and skirts. Graphic designs with thousands of diamonds entangled in shapes and colors on a long dress, the rigor of a blue or brick red Persian design on a tunic or the fantasy of a blue or pink folkloric print on a pair of large pants, a blouse painted with Paisley designs. Dresses with shoulder straps inlaid with ribbons and multicolored pearls, inlay of knitted lace or simply thin on a tunic or a shirt, open-work fabrics for a safari jacket or a pair of shorts and always, always, metal, zipper at the front fastening a jacket or zipper on the back of a tank top… The symmetry of necklines at the front and at the back, the reign of a tunic associated with plain pants and the diversity of dresses in shapes, colors, fabrics… Plain, two-toned, three-toned, multicolored… Brick red, emerald green, creamy colors, pink, blue, yellow… Stitch, jacquard, warp and filling, cut-and-sewn, lace, fake leather, patterned fabrics, glitters… Tunics, bustier, blouses, tops, short or long dresses, with thin shoulder straps or with sleeves, large or straight pants, fringed vests, zipped jackets… EVERYTHING! Everything is in everything and like a huge fractal this collection is a concentrate of a world who is in search of itself and who will end up by finding its way through the complexity, obscurantism, fear… Beauty will save the world said Dostoïevski, the beauty of hearts, intelligence, the beauty of the generous, of the workers who work for others and show that everything goes together, that everyone goes together, that everything is interpreted to create something else that we shouldn’t be scared of, a cosmopolite world. Let us not be afraid, the other is me!

Fall Winter 2015

"This is the starting point of this 2014 Fall Winter collection and what could be more accurate than the transposition of this question on graphic elements, over an eye-deceiving effect. The ‘Décors’ print, in which I wanted to represent cheerfulness and a festive atmosphere! An eye deceiving effect (trompe l’oeil) arises on a dress that gets instantaneously adorned with sequins, which sparkle modernity and a play of lights, giving extreme intensity to the material. A mixture of gold and silver, with a touch of black, standing for power and a touch of violet, for the color. Here another trompe l’oeil, the print ‘Automne’. In this print I looked for the other side of ‘Décors’. Automne is a more melancholic print, with vintage laces and antique jewelry, standing for the colors of autumn. These two prints form a whole entity, they are complementary like the past and the future that only find a meaning whilst together, as a form of interdependence! In order to match or accompany these two prints, I sought for strong materials, leather leggings, thick chamois fake fur, pure virgin wool and alpaca coat, fabrics made of lurex pinstripes, Rondo fair isle woven with a multitude of circles… In this collection, my will was to look for the mixture, the combination, this beautiful idea of bringing together different elements to create something else, to avoid the total look and the single thought. Mixture is indeed what we need! The mixture of materials on a jacket, the mixture of different sizes of wires in a cardigan or in a sweater, the mixture of a fabric made with embroidered plaids together with a pure and plain fabric… Travels have always inspired me, therefore I could not resist giving a wink about my recent trip to Costa Rica. From a picture taken in JACO representing the sky among palm trees, blinded by the sun, I imagined a print ‘Minéral’ on a pleated skirt, in order to rediscover this movement of palm trees in the wind. Pura vida in black and white. Another reference to travels, and particularly of my favorite foreign city, London, with an English flag hobnailed with rhinestones on a black dress. I’m in love with metal, ultrathin or oversize zips, chic perfectos….England cannot stop inspiring me. Last eye deceiving effect on a zebra skin photographed and printed.  We get a visual impression of the fur but when we touch it is just as smooth as silk. The united colors that are matched with this print are mixed with leather aspects, dull or shiny as skin. A trompe l’œil answer to my initial question: The most difficult part is not to say what we see but to see what we see! Finally, to sum up with a more positive version, Dostoievski said “Beauty will save the world”, and I believe that is true, well at least I hope so…" 

Spring Summer 2014

" A spring without flowers is not a spring and those proposed by Nathalie Chaize in this new collection are graphic. A bouquet in the shades of purple, mauve and gray slightly hooped by black. The purple suits, light gray and beige enhances the brightness of the flowers just as silk paper does when it surrounds flowers. The strength of a color is enhanced by its agreement with the matter, Nathalie chose a specific purple that was painted on linen to make a subtle mixture. Flowers symbolized by hoops, metal circles at the bottom of the dress decorated with transfers shaped with flowers.

Spring is the sun return. Yellow as the light associated with the sand color on two-tone suit. Dresses with yellow circles like sun bubbles printed and a touch of green to complete the image of nature. Pleats on dresses and tops in a vahines chic manner, zippered jacket in braided cotton, coordinated knitwear....

The summer is the heat rising, as the blue flame Nathalie has stylized and placed on the shoulder of a white dress to warm the atmosphere. Blue as a sailor call, cutouts and flounces in a wave form. Blue again, raffia and viscose suits not decorated with a marine knot but with a metal butterfly knot. This metal sports this season a pale gold color like a ray of sunshine, on a pressure, on a comma-shaped neckline that emphasizes a low-cut neckline, a pocket. And then the white supporting the blue on sequined dresses, on cotton suits up to a white on white print on shirts and flowing tops.

This collection puts the body in motion and, based on this definition Nathalie concluded its printing with a Kinetic design. Movement energy, pure graphics, lightness of black and orange threads waving on a white background. Copper shade as the last rays of sun on lacquered lace, on zips and metal rings strapped on dresses and tops. Orange as a sunset in summer, on viscose suits with resin squares at the bottom of the sleeves. And finally black for evening dresses where touch of metal sparkle as moonlight on sea, a moon symbol of femininity. "

Fall Winter 2013

"I like the fabrics and in this dismal time I wanted to investigate the wealth of our past, to come back to the origins and history. Brocades and damasks fabrics and other fabrics that gave the richness of the French and Italian textile fabrics attracted me and step by step I settled down in a baroque decoration. The ancient tapestries, the gold of the republic , the ornaments in velvet flocking  on lacquered wool ,the  jacquards  with mix of gold and silver on a black background ,  burnout velvet fabrics  in ancient  colors , lined with bronze velvet fringes  .  I always preferred the chromium. Gold is new for me and however I wanted to  change and wear  it on dresses with gold rectangles very present  or in contrary subtly with fine ribbons of black jacquard with a gold embroideries  applied on jacket, skirt, trousers.  We can find it on dresses or on twin set with gold sequins all over or on by little touch on the collar of a sleek black dress .In this atmosphere the zips of my pullover become jewels, the buckles of the belts become crafted piece of metal and lastly the dresses with neck highlighted by jewels becomes gems.

In transit at the CDG airport, I was fascinated by the huge board of departures. I like travelling, and reading the list of these known and unknown destinations give me memories and wishes; this bright board caught me so much that I made a photo and then a print. After the baroque time I turned to the future and on the modernity. My fabrics got more sober, black grey suit, embellished by dark strass on the shoulders, nails set fabrics to give relief , ton on ton , such as nuts of plane cabin,  grey and black tie and dye like a cloudy sky, metallized ribbons to underline the pockets or belts, quilted suits as opposed to baroque forms. These colors are rather dark and are underlined by twinset, pullover in bright and rare colors like blue cobalt and fuchsia byzantine. Marine or fuchsia coat in cashmere wool, jacket in fake fur, cashmere knitted twinset to capture the most possible of softness, a little of tenderness in this difficult world. Between these 2 universes , history and future ,  or rather from these 2 opposites like Ying and Yang , there is the wish to exist today to allow all people and specially the women assert their rights to existence , difference and tolerance."

Spring Summer 2013

"The collection starts during a journey to Rhodes, staying in a contemporary hotel where I have been fascinated by the light and the ceramics. The diversity of the sizes, the colours, the effects of the materials, shining, matt…gave to each of the places a character, an identity, all in conserving a harmonious place. The light stroke these ceramics and, depending on the hour of the day, gave different resonances. I have printed one ceramic in grey and beige tones with an intarsia of a crystal sliver; the light of it is still visible…After that I was looking for stones of big sizes to stick, in order to follow this line in conserving the same colour chart and in adding a little bit of black. Matter also in the riveted resin pins on the collars, the belts…and dyed in the colours of the fabrics, to produce with the light just a slightly different tone, something very delicate. And by opposing or more complementing this big stones, I drew necklaces on fabrics, where I was looking for a finesse of the stones in putting them delicately on fluid jersey viscose dresses.
Delicacy also in a print of petals of roses stretched in order to form a path like strewn with roses. Roses again with varnished linen matching with this print in the colour way and by the splits of chromed metal that we can find onto fine riveted plates onto belts or onto dress braces out of iron steel discs. And to amplify the femininity I added transparency that shows in different ways in English broidery on pure white cotton and pieces of lace in anise or blue marine. The belts of the jackets and skirts are adorned with ribbons of plaited leather, the varnished linen framed with triangles of fine suede, the leather plaited on pockets and collars, the suits become tricoloured, coral, beige and black, the woven fabrics are underlined by fluorescent yellow stripes and bring us back to the city, the neon light, reflectors, the living colours bursting in a last print, coral, green, anise, yellow…This collection ends up by a lace jacquard with fine ribbons of voile preluding the end of an afternoon, prolonged by stones stitched onto voile incorporated onto décolleté of dresses that we are wearing with boleros out of voile ribbons, and concludes with a smoking embroidered with ribbons of steel pearls that we can wear accordingly to our mood yin or yang, black or white, and with an anaconda bolero that we wear over a dress framed by steel plates showing reptile effect… the night can start…"

Fall Winter 2012

"This Autumn Winter collection began one evening on a bridge where we saw the features of the spinning car headlights at night. These traces of light, yellow to the south and red to the north, simply separated by the bitumen had something intense and very graphic about movement, speed, travel. I took this picture to print on dresses and silk blouses. It then became a collection of materials with a desire of nature: softness of wool, viscose flexibility, lamb ... A desire to beautiful and want to even go up to impose a rich collection by its diversity. The fabric is a culture for insiders. I use this art in this collection through personal prints that will emerge in Italy, jacquards mixed with the mesh, the effects of cross-threaded, fabrics associations, viscose and wool lace, knitted wool and printed silk, until lambskin leather dyed in the colors of the collection, caramel or emerald... For the shape, lines, curves, female, that we found in recesses enhanced by mixtures of material or through the leather, and metallic graphics transfers and draped necklines. Then you have to imagine a collection of dresses of great diversity: cowl neck, sheath, tunics associated with boleros, vests, and cardigans ... I offer a collection that rhythm every moment of the life of a woman. Lightness for the moments of heat, silk dress, lace... And heat for the moments of freshness, jacket, coat, and sweater. My Autumn Winter 2012 wardrobe is complete. This collection ends at dawn by an image of fog in the countryside near a stud, in the smoke that rises like incense. Capture a sensitive, evocative print and continue in a job around jacquard chains and bridles of the horses down to the accessories."

Spring Summer 2012


The colour is omnipresent: Bright, with a flower print called Fleur; Attractive, with a print called Jungle; Elegant, with a print called Perle and patriotic in a print called France. This collection tends to the affirmation of a style, of a French brand, proud of being French and free, with equality and fraternity. France is generous, creative and united; French stylists have to go in that sense. This collection is full, strong; the dress is the main piece of the collection. Frenchie suits and natural fabrics as linen, silk and cotton are also back in this collection. This collection is inspired from the current climate, a desire of colour to brighten and illuminate our summer 2012 in order to breathe a fresher air than the one than stagnate since several months now in dark international current events.

Nature, jungle, pleasure, France that we love…


Fall Winter 2011 

The 2011 Autumn Winter collection starts with a wild print: panthers and reptiles are embraced with the colours of the land and sky until forming an African mask. It is a return to basics for Nathalie who lived on those unforgettable African lands. The idea of the panther is given by the metal buckles and by the strength of black which is like a second skin in fur. The inspiration for these two news prints came during a trip in Camargue, at salins de Giraud, where the nature amazed you by its strength and beauty. The first print regards the land, which is so particular in that areas, a black and beige organic matter with red sheen like a sunset. The second one shows the powerful contrast of the riverside, where the land and the sea undulate, two organic matters that meet and give all their strength and shine. It is also an “animal” land where the sky is always crossed by birds and the land is always crossed by horses, bulls…cracked beige and intense black fake leather at the image of bark and tar. Between these two lands the resonances are just evident. The range of colour is close, beige, dark blue, red and black that mix up or balance in stripes. The strength of the leather aspects is present to enhance a print or to create an opposition matt/glossy. The animal leather is used for buckles - to close a satin dress or a collar in fur - and suede is used for graphic jackets. To finish, the steel which is ever-present in the collection, circles black, forms buttons like tip of spear of Massai or Gardian warrior. Around these two expressive lands there is a lot of femininity, the fluidity of the materials, the precision of the details and profiles that express the strength and sensibility of a real life. There is Nathalie’s stamp in this new collection; she gets her inspiration from an endless well, life.

Spring Summer 2011

A simple butterfly fluttering inspired Nathalie to create a very “nature” print with radiant colours. The wing movement signs a new trip, a new collection. A print and three materials in order to give relief to the fabrics; the softness and fluidity of the knit, the noble simplicity of the cotton veil and the elegant shine of satin. The coloured circles that form eyes painted on the butterfly wings became metal rings, eyelets that adorn the shoulders, decollete, belts. The quality of the materials is just evident even for the metal used which is one of the main concern of the brand. Contrast – femininity – movement - diversity and strength. The contrast is given by the dress Sirene: the front is very sober while the back is extremely low-cutted and laced with a veil ribbon. There is also a contrast between the graphic prints extract from pictures of glass walls and the fluidity of the materials that enlace the body. The femininity is present in the knit dresses which braces are linked by chrome nautical knot like an evocation to travels. The femininity is also present thanks to the very shiny satiny fabrics, like the chrome suede theme. Movement is given by the metal fringes that swung like bells willing to chase the Evil spirit thanks to a jacket, a dress, a trouser or jewels. Movement is also given by the metal pullers on masculine suit and leather items. The diversity is expressed by the music which is present on the prints thanks to the picture of the loudspeakers taken in London that Nathalie pixelized in very mosaic and coloured tone. The diversity is also present by the return to basics, Africa, with the Massai theme, an elegant interpretation of the Massai necklaces thanks to a silver ribbon game. The strength is expressed by the metal that illuminates dresses and cotton veil blouses. We wish you a good trip with this new collection 2011.

Fall Winter 2010 

For its 50th season, Nathalie Chaize realised a 2010-2011 Autumn-Winter collection which is a mix of strength and sensibility. The strength is expressed through its prints made of many metal pyramid studs which gathered form a shell. The sensibility is created by the extreme femininity of the materials and fabrics used, the design and the various details. The silver and gold are two very important colours in the first “shell” theme in which the plain colour styles are associated with gold and silver details. The city, central theme that inspires Nathalie a lot, is found in a pixelised print in flashy colours version such as yellow, green, blue and a softer version with petrol blue, brown, navy at the image of the day and night. Matched plain colours styles with rounded cuts. The travel, one more theme dear to Nathalie which is well established in two prints. The first print is inspired from a diaphanous vision of Madrid airport with its flashy colours: laced plain colours, V cut with rivet angles similar to plane wings. The second print, on a black background with neon effects comes from a graphic inspiration of the boat from the movie Pirates by Polanski seen in Genoa port. Sequined plain colours black denim. The softness has a particularly strong presence in this 50th collection by the choice of soft fabrics, suede fabric touch effect and an enlarged and completed knit collection by the choice of knitted garments, cardigans, dresses in blue petrol colour, fuchsia, pearl grey. This is a panoramic collection, form casual to formal clothes, through leather, lace, knit, accessories, bags, gloves… Nathalie wears from her personal style all the hours of a woman life.

Nathalie Chaize's prints

“I have always been attracted by materials, fabrics... I need to understand how things are made and when I go visit the textile factories and see how a Jacquard or a print that I drawn is made, I always feel very strong emotion. To know about technique nourish creation and makes me meet French and Italian artisans with a huge experience and know-how that transcend my work. Every season, my prints are exclusively made from pictures that I took during my trips. Then, those pictures are printed in France and Italy on different fabrics that I choose with different methods: screen printing, cylinder printing, and digital printing. All the pieces are then made in Europe from my own sketches and patterns exclusively realised in my design office.

Nathalie's sketches

As well as my own pencil sketches, I now also like to use the graphic palette on my Mac. Although reticent to start with, I have gradually got to grips with the technique and am now one of the many fans of this fashion design tool. Each season I come up with 150 garments and approximately twenty accessories. Using my sketches, I compile thirty or so looks to give me an initial impression of the collection before getting my hands on tangible versions of my garments - unfortunately they often arrive at the end of the collection. Thanks to my sketches and the looks I pin up on a big expanse of white wall in my office, I can see my collection take shape.