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"My company is called C 347. C stands for CHAIZE and CASILE - the name of my husband and associate…3 stands for creation, 4 for balance and 7 for perfection. We work together to carry on our wish to live on this profession since 1985, company creation's date. At my side, a purchasing and production team to manage the production which is mostly made in Europe, a France and Export sales team, a saleswoman team for the boutiques with a manager and to finish, an administrative team"

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The head of the brand includes Nathalie's office, the design office, office scheduling / launch commercial offices, logistics platform, stock, a showroom and boutique. 11 Quai General Sarrail 69006 LYON.
The new Paris boutique, rue du Jour, contains a new showroom where clarity reigns for the presentation of new collections. This completes the showroom in the Lyon suburban area, the headquarter Champagne au Mont d'Or.
Located in the city center, close to the famous Place Bellecour, it has been the first boutique to adopt the image of the brand designed by Remi Tessier in 2003. It is an important meeting because Remi Tessier set the tone of the boutique after a long chat with Nathalie: he perfectly knew how to realise what she wanted. For us it is like a laboratory because it is close to the company and our customers are very regular in this area: they follow Nathalie’s work since the beginnings. This is where our libraries were implanted for the first time… 
With the launch of online sales, we turned towards a system of cabin light photography. While creating the site is outsourced, the management is done internally, photography products through the online and the communication around them.
This photo booth, with a suitable lighting for shooting mannequin cabin is ideal for an optimal picture of our clothes on.