Spring Summer 2011

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Spring Summer 2011 collection:

A simple butterfly fluttering inspired Nathalie to create a very “nature” print with radiant colours. The wing movement signs a new trip, a new collection. A print and three materials in order to give relief to the fabrics; the softness and fluidity of the knit, the noble simplicity of the cotton veil and the elegant shine of satin. The coloured circles that form eyes painted on the butterfly wings became metal rings, eyelets that adorn the shoulders, decollete, belts. The quality of the materials is just evident even for the metal used which is one of the main concern of the brand. Contrast – femininity – movement - diversity and strength. The contrast is given by the dress Sirene: the front is very sober while the back is extremely low-cutted and laced with a veil ribbon. There is also a contrast between the graphic prints extract from pictures of glass walls and the fluidity of the materials that enlace the body. The femininity is present in the knit dresses which braces are linked by chrome nautical knot like an evocation to travels. The femininity is also present thanks to the very shiny satiny fabrics, like the chrome suede theme. Movement is given by the metal fringes that swung like bells willing to chase the Evil spirit thanks to a jacket, a dress, a trouser or jewels. Movement is also given by the metal pullers on masculine suit and leather items. The diversity is expressed by the music which is present on the prints thanks to the picture of the loudspeakers taken in London that Nathalie pixelized in very mosaic and coloured tone. The diversity is also present by the return to basics, Africa, with the Massai theme, an elegant interpretation of the Massai necklaces thanks to a silver ribbon game. The strength is expressed by the metal that illuminates dresses and cotton veil blouses. We wish you a good trip with this new collection 2011.