Spring Summer 2012

My collection


 The Spring/ Summer collection 2012 is articulated around 4 prints, 4 themes. 


The colour is omnipresent: Bright, with a flower print called Fleur; Attractive, with a print called Jungle; Elegant, with a print called Perle and patriotic in a print called France. This collection tends to the affirmation of a style, of a French brand, proud of being French and free, with equality and fraternity. France is generous, creative and united; French stylists have to go in that sense. This collection is full, strong; the dress is the main piece of the collection. Frenchie suits and natural fabrics as linen, silk and cotton are also back in this collection. This collection is inspired from the current climate, a desire of colour to brighten and illuminate our summer 2012 in order to breathe a fresher air than the one than stagnate since several months now in dark international current events.

Nature, jungle, pleasure, France that we love…