Text of inspiration Summer 2017

My collection

Collection Spring-Summer 2017.

My suitcase for Biloko :

Biloko, it’s my ideal country. We find a North and South African dominant, a Latin American touch and an air from Asia. With my friends, we are bubbling over with curiosity and setting out to discover this country. My friends are beautiful and different, with all the panel of possible morphologies, some brunettes, some blondes and some redheads, thin or generous, small or tall.
We are a harmonious group, with much kindness for each other.

This collection is the ideal suitcase. We find outfits to stroll in remote areas, to go shopping in the shops of the capital, to attend business appointments that we organized, we are active women. Without forgetting some looks to go out because we love having fun together!
The ESSENTIEL clothing line is the basis of our dressing room, Some easy-to-wear pieces that are necessary and that can be worn in different ways: classic or original, adaptable to each of our styles. We find a pants or a dress by morphology type, different lengths for skirts or jackets… I thought about every woman. Everything is in the detail. I gently imagined the print.

The EVIDENCE clothing line is thought for the curved shapes, it enhances the silhouette.
The IMPERTINENCE clothing line is composed of asserted models, with strong colors or prints. To wear the days when everything goes well, for those moments when we want to dare and showing off by always staying chic and elegant.
All the women are queens.