Text of inspiration Winter 2017

My collection

Collection Fall-Winter 2017.


Discover a woman then a dress


My new collection is an invitation in the house “Revelation”.

I worked on my silhouettes according to the various types of morphology, highlighting the strengths and erasing the weaknesses of woman.

She becomes powerful. There emerges a positive and benevolent strength.

She is not a warrior; she is all about sweetness, calm, strength,

And in serenity: It is a winner!

Invitation to experimentation, invitation to try on my collection

Which wants to make woman feel more beautiful before creating a beautiful dress,

Which desires to dress a soul before dressing a body.

Adopt this audacious dress revealing of your personality

Which will become different depending on the woman who wears it.

Be neither the quite the same nor quite another.

My dress becomes revealing of beauty.

I invite you in my house compound of 4 rooms, each of the rooms reflects one of the themes of my collection "Revelation".


BAROQUE : Shades are warm, full of sensuality and colors. Florals patterns are in jacquard tapisserie, printed or embroidered. 
Lines are flounced and vaporous with sleeves effects.

The room is decorated with flowers by Azuma Makoto.


FOLK : Shades are strong such as fuchsia or petrol.

Cashmere print on satin becomes mystical speckled with white dots.

Silhouettes are audacious. Pajama is reinvents in outfit of the day. The cape replaced the coat.

Rooms are bordered of dentelle chantilly or rubans pompons.

You are under a dome of Tom Fruin.


ROCK : Opposition of black and ecru, it is a yin and yang softer.

Male codes are feminized, models are structured but sequined or diverted in chic and modern ways.

Jogging is revisited and carried with elegance.  Sit in the lounge.


ZEN : Spirit is Japanese in pastel colors: rose petal and

bleu celeste on a devoured silk print.

The lines are graphic for essential parts.

It is a soft and refined, feminine and serene piece with large windows

overlooking an interior garden. You can meditate …


All women are queens.